The Art&Sound ASN1 high-end speaker system shows how perfection in the reproduction of music can be achieved, provided the designer is not forced to worry about technical complexity and cost.

illus. 1Two synchronized 17 cm bass-midrange speakers act as a double bass driver system.

The Bextrene cones with their particular shape (illus. 1) suppress partial oscillations and reduce self resonances to below audible level. The special Plastiflex coating on the cones increases quality considerably in the midrange. Longer voice coils accomodate high amplitudes (illus. 2) which are of crucial importance for a controlled reproduction of the sub-bass range as well as for very high volumes.

illus. 2The two-speaker design of the bass-midrange channel reduces the amplitudes of each speaker to half the usual levels. This allows for higher sound pressures and a better dynamic response. The musically important harmonic range is taken care by a 50 mm super-tweeter, equipped with an exponential cone made of extremely thin aluminium. This light-weight cone with its quick response works up to 40.000 Hz and therefore provides an excellent definition. The axial arrangement of the various speakers in one plane and in close proximity to each other prevents interference and phase distortion. It also means that this speaker system has well balanced sound characteristics.

illus. 3The tweeter is located in a position so that it is at the same height as the listener in an arm chair (illus. 3). The height of the bass mid-range speakers has also been chosen to give optimum performance. The crossover network divides the electrical signals at 6.000 Hz and feeds them into the different speakers (illus. 4).

illus. 4The filters have an edge steepness of 12 dB/octave. This ensures that undesirable amplitude or phase errors are kept to a minimum. This means a stable load for the output stage of the amplifier. The crossover network is made of exacting tolerance, high-grade components (low-loss bipolar electrolytic capacitors, coils without iron cores).

But it is the exceptional marble cabinet which enables this technology to be used to the fullest advantage. The high density and volumetric weight of this natural product prevents resonances in the cabinet and the resultant uncontrolled, inflated "bass" all too familiar when listening to other speaker system (illus. 5). illus. 5Conventional speaker cabinets vibrate, superimposing and distorting the sound coming from the speaker itself and dissipate energy from the amplifier, but Art&Sound ASN1 cabinets are designed to be acoustically stable. All the power of the amplifier is channelled into moving the cones of the loudspeakers.

illus. 6The absence of unwanted resonance endows the acoustic pattern with heightened transparency and lightness of sound. The asymmetrical coupling of the speakers to the internal air column operates with differing propagating times (illus. 6). This keeps distortion to a minimum and results in an optimum transient response.

Following the principle that every hifi system is only as good as its weakest link, it is essential that Art&Sound ASN1 loudspeakers should only be used in conjunction with other equipment of the highest quality. This is the only way to guarantee your listening pleasure in the long term.

HiFi experts and musicians have described Art&Sound ASN1 speakers as impeccable, being able to convey fully the feel of a live performance. The listener really senses the presence of an orchestra or ensemble. In addition, he can also detect with astounding ease the position of individual instruments. Connoisseurs have often said that the Art&Sound ASN1 loudspeakers possess an extraordinary transparency and exactness in reproduction as well as an outstanding dynamic range and pulse fidelity.

salesfolderThe Art&Sound ASN1 is a free standing loudspeaker but a compact model is also available for those who favour bookshelf speakers: the Art&Sound ASN2. This is also a perfect combination of a marble cabinet and high-grade components. Pure listening pleasure.

Product Development and Design by Stephan Nöcker

Art&Sound Salesfolder for Up & Up Group Italy
© Stephan Nöcker
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Art&Sound ASN1
Art&Sound ASN2 Art&Sound ASN3
2-way system
2-way system
2-way system
Speakers used
Two 17 cm
high-amplitude bass mid-range speakers with Bextrene- Plastiflex-cone.
5 cm super tweeter,
aluminium cone (50u thin)
One 17 cm
high-amplitude bass mid-range speakers with Bextrene- Plastiflex-cone.
5 cm super tweeter,
aluminium cone (50u thin)
One 17 cm
high-amplitude bass mid-range speakers with Bextrene- Plastiflex-cone.
5 cm super tweeter,
aluminium cone (50u thin)
Frequency response
40 to 40.000 Hz
60 to 40.000 Hz 60 to 40.000 Hz
Loading capacity
60/100 W
30/60 W 30/60 W
Nominal impedance
4 Ohm
8 Ohm
8 Ohm
90 dB/W
88 dB/W 88 dB/W
Cabinet design closed, acoustically muffled closed, acoustically muffled closed, acoustically muffled
w x h x d mm
214 x 856 x 214
200 x 320 x 200 230 x 345 x 230
40 kg
16 kg 18 kg
Cabinet material Marble at customer's choice Marble at customer's choice Marble at customer's choice





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